Tire Maintenance for Auto Safety

Your Safety Is Where the Rubber Meets the Road

tire balancing tire rotation and tire replacement

Tire Balancing, Tire Rotation and New Tire Replacement

The tires of any vehicle is one of the parts that are most exposed to damage and therefore, we must carry out proper maintenance. Also, the maintenance of the wheels directly influences you driving and consequently the safety of the driver and the passengers. For all this, you will need to know all that is required to inspect and maintain your tires.

Tire Pressure
It is most important for the proper tire maintenance. First find out what the pressure indicated on the tires of your vehicle, both front wheels and in the rear (because it is the same). This data usually is indicated in the inside of the doors, but if the tire is not the original you will find need to inspect the tire wall for this important information. The pressure is always measured with the tire cold and should be checked for normal use, about once a month. It will also be necessary to review it after abnormal situations, such as a heavy blow in a rut or if you hit a curb while parking.

General Tire Wear
Review your tires for the general condition, ie having no bruises, cuts, signs of wear and uneven wear. A simple visual inspection can tell you a lot about your suspension, and steering systems as well. The wear of the tires must be even, equal on both wheels (front or rear). And the wear of the tires must also be even across the face of the tire.

You can call Auto Repair Pros for balancing the tires with the right equipment and carry out the necessary corrections. A properly balanced tire won’t experience premature wear and will run much smoother. Balancing also protects the suspension, steering and the vehicle’s transmission. You need to perform this action every six months to ensure the safety of the vehicle and every time you change tires or dismantled.

Proper alignment of direction and a suspension in good condition also are extremely important to the car’s performance and safety. A blow against a curb, for example, can affect the alignment and that’s why it’s important to periodically inspect your tires. If the tires are wearing heavy on the outside or inside threads, it is an indication that you need a car mechanic to inspect further.

The front tires usually wear out faster than the rear, so we recommend regular tire rotation, ie reposition so the wear is more even. Typical rotation is a criss cross pattern from forward to back and left to right.

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