Road Hazard Repair from Nails to Porcupines

road hazard repair

Road Hazard Repair; Tires, Shocks, Struts and Ball Joints

Road hazards are a fact of life for all drivers. Most of the time it’s a nail or screw in the tire. Sometimes it’s more complicated, like a porcupine. And other times it’s a nasty pot hole that damages your tire, the wheel, your shocks, struts or ball joints. Wise Auto will asses your damages and get you back on the road, fast.

If the road hazard disables your vehicle and you need towing to an auto repair shop, we’re your guys. We’ll have our towing partner pick up your vehicle and bring it into our shop, where we can take a close look at your suspension and steering systems. We can fix something as simple as a tire repair and rebalance and/or align your tires. And if we find further damage, we’ll let you know what’s needed to make your vehicle safe again.

We Only Use Quality Replacement Parts

quality auto repair replacement parts