Problems Starting Your Car with a Worn Key

worn car key

A worn key was this customer’s starting problem

Believe it or not, something as simple as a worn key will give you all kinds of trouble when starting your car. With the new key fobs, you don’t have to worry about this old school problem but there are still millions of cars on the road that use good ole fashion keys.

We recently had a customer come in complaining he was having trouble with his ignition. He had problems turning his key to start the ignition. He thought it was something in the steering column. upon further inspection we noticed his key was completely worn and not making proper contact with the cyliner pins. This was his problem and a cheap and easy fix!

car ignition key cylinder

If you’re having trouble turning your key to start your car, it’s not always an expensive repair. This is more common than you think. simple remedies to sticky key turning problems;

1. Sometimes your steering wheel isn’t properly locked and this will cause your key to hang up. Turn your steering wheel back and forth to see if you can find a spot where you key will turn again. Sometimes a quick steering wheel jiggle is all you need.

2. If you have an automatic transmission, the same problem can happen with your gear shift. Make sure the car is fully in park. A quick jiggle of your steering column can also free up your ignition so you can turn your key again.

3. Sometimes dirt gets in the cylinder and can freeze up the pins. A quick solution is to apply a quick spray of liquid silicone into the cylinder. Then take your key and slid it in and out of the cylinder several times to free the sticking pins.

WARNING: Do not put too much pressure on your key and force it. Key metal is rather soft and you can end up breaking off your key in the ignition. Then you have a real problem. Keys should turn freely. If it doesn’t and you’ve tried the above simple remedies, call Wise Auto Clinic and schedule an appt. We’ll take a look and get you back on the road fast!

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