My Chevy Volt is A Great Car!

2011 Chevy Volt, EV averaging 83 miles per gallon with 14,000 miles

The reason for the low mpg rating is that I’ve taken a lot of road trips with the vehicle. I must say it is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. In fact, you have to be careful because I’ve been pulled over for speeding. It’s very easy to do. The car is fast and quiet!

The beauty of the Volt is that I haven’t had to have one repair so far. The car has performed near flawlessly. I have had small software glitches that were easily remedied when I hard reset it by pulling the main fuse.

I don’t repair the volt but if you have another vehicle that needs repair, visit to set up an appointment. We repair all makes and models of cars, vans, suvs and pick-up trucks.

My Awesome Chevy Volt

My Awesome 2011 Chevy Volt

2011 chevy volt engine compartment

2011 Chevy Volt Engine Compartment

chevy volt dashboard

Very informative Chevy Volt dashboard

driver seat view of the dashboard

My Driver View Of the Dashboard