Muffler and Catalytic Converter Repair

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Mufflers, Catalytic Converters and Sensors

* Complete Exhaust System Inspections
* Muffler Repair and Replacement
* Catalytic Converter Replacement
* Exhaust Manifolds
* Oxygen Sensors
* System Welding
* Exhaust System Hole Patch

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When Should You Inspect Your Car’s Exhaust System

Your exhaust system and muffler does more than just keep your vehicle running quiet. It takes exhaust fumes away from the passenger cabin, helps your engine run smoothly and keeps your car running at maximum fuel efficiency. Illinois also enforces strict emission standards which is why it’s important that your exhaust system is operating properly.

Helpful tips if you suspect your vehicle may need a new muffler or exhaust system repairs:

Your Vehicle Sounds Louder Than Usual – One of the most obvious indicators is that your car runs louder than usual. This usually indicates there is a hole or leak in the system and time to have a certified mechanic take a look.

You’re Using More Fuel – If you notice you have to hit the gas station more often than normal, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong with your car. A common problem is that your exhaust has a leak and requires your engine to work harder. When your engine works harder, it requires more fuel.

Loss of Power – Catalytic Converters regularly fail when they get clogged and the exhaust gases can’t get through it to leave your vehicle. When air can’t leave your vehicle, there’s no airflow so the engine dies. The federal government has set a minimum standard for catalytic converters of 100,000 miles. If you have an older vehicle that has lost it’s power or trouble starting, it may be a clogged catalytic converter.

Vibrations – When your vehicle has the low rumble coming from the engine, it is usually accompanied by a vibration that you feel in the pedals. This is a sure indication that your exhaust system needs a checkup by a professional mechanic.

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