Car Batteries, Alternators, Headlights, Ignition Repair

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Car Battery, Alternator, Electrical Shorts Schaumburg

* Test, Recharge and Replace Car Batteries
* Alternators
* Electric Window Repair and Replacement
* Burned out blinkers, headlights and bulbs
* Starters
* Ignition Systems
* Replace Belts
* Upgrade Radios
* Diagnosis Vehicle’s Check Engine Light
* Repair the Most Difficult Electrical Shorts

A faulty auto electric system can leave you stranded. Let Wise Auto Clinic inspect and repair your vehicle if you have trouble starting.

Signs Your Car Needs Electrical Repair

One of the areas that is often a cause of great frustration is an electrical problem. The nature of electrical problems is often hard to diagnose. Electrical diagnosis and repair requires specialized equipment and better left to professionals. With the right diagnostic tools, we are in the best position to seek out problems, identify them and do get the fixed right the first time.

Just like many other forms of vehicle issues, electrical problems can be intermittent and very inconvenient.

  • Car batteries can die suddenly and without warning
  • Wires corrode within the charging systems, starters, alternators, etc.
  • Lighting systems, including brake lights, turn signals, warning lights short out
  • Power windows, door locks and power seats stop functioning properly
  • The cruise control system may accelerate or deccelerate unexpectedly
  • Various other short circuit problems in wiring systems
  • Air suspension, air bag problems
  • Traction control
  • Transmission and shifting is erratic

These are just some issues that an electrical system troubleshooting can diagnose. Basic troubleshooting and electrical diagnosis includes some strategies in engine light checks and control modules.

Problematic areas are identified following standard and logical troubleshooting procedures. Most modern computerized engine control systems have self-diagnostic capabilities to aid the technician in proper diagnostics. Malfunctioning sensors, output devices and problems within the internal computer systems themselves are stored as diagnostic trouble codes. These stored codes are retrieved using interactive computers and proprietary software that we purchase from each auto manufacture. We use the data and codes reported to identify the proper repair. The process will isolate systems where failures originate to minimize troubleshooting time and save you money by preventing the unnecessary replacement of good parts.

Call the certified mechanics at Wise Auto Clinic if you’re having electrical problems. We excel at diagnosing electrical system malfunctions.

We Only Use Quality Replacement Parts

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