Complete Engine Rebuilds

complete engine rebuilds by wise auto

Complete Engine Rebuilds by Wise Auto ASE Certified Technicians

When we overhaul and rebuild engines, an engine is removed and disassembled. Then we clean, inspect and repair the necessary parts. A complete rebuild involves honing, new piston rings, bearings, gaskets and oil seals. Finally we test using factory service manual approved procedures so the engine will perform as new. The engine may be overhauled using used parts, new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or new aftermarket parts. The engine’s previous operating history is maintained and returned to you with zero hours since we performed a major overhaul.

We can also perform what is called a top overhaul. A top overhaul includes repair and replacement of components inside the cylinder head without having to remove the engine. We will replace components such as valve and rocker arms.

A major overhaul costs more than a top overhaul, obviously. With an expensive repair such as engine rebuilds, you’ll probably want to get price quotes from two or more trustworthy, ASE certified mechanics. Call Wise Auto Clinic and we’ll give you a fair and honest quote.

We Only Use Quality Replacement Parts

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