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All Brake Systems Repaired

* Brake Pads
* Disc Resurfacing
* Drum Resurfacing
* Brake Calipers
* Anti-Lock Brakes, ABS
* Master Cylinder Replacement
* Bleed Brake Lines
* Brake Line Leak Detection and Repair
* Brake Fluid Replacement

We Inspect and Fix Your Car, Van or Light Truck Brake problems!

Signs You Need Brake Repair

Brake Alert Light is Always On – This LED indicates a fault in the braking system. It would be wise to stop the vehicle as soon as you can and have the problem diagnosed since your safety is a risk.

ABS System – When ABS LED is on, the ABS (anti-lock brakes) is not working properly and should be inspected as soon as possible. It the light is on, be aware that your brakes are functioning but will not react as designed if you need to stop quickly or on wet, slippery surfaces.

Soft brake pedal – Can mean one of two problems 1) Brake pads are worn all the way down or 2) air in the brake line. If it is brake pads, you’ll want the get them replaced as soon as possible before they damage your rotor and drum. If it is air in the brake line, it is a simple process of bleeding the brakes to purge the air. A qualified technician can help diagnose the problem.

Shrill whistles – Occurs occasionally on some brake pads that have a small piece of metal that will make contact with the disc as to serve as a low pad warning. It is time to replace your brake pads.

Brakes violently shake – Brakes will shake occasionally and it is not a normal cause for concern. On the other hand if the brakes shake violently it is often a sign the brake discs are warped and must be replaced before further damage occurs to the brake system, steering or linkage.

Metal friction noise – discs and brake pads are out of material and danger is imminent. It is unsafe and requires immediate replacement.

A lot of travel in your emergency hand brake – Either requires a simple adjustment or there is a problem of great wear shoes or drums and shoes.

Soft pedal after intensive use – Brake fluid has lost its properties or the brake pads are smooth. Remember that the fluid must be replaced every two years as it is under extreme heat and breaks down regularly. It is best to let the system cool for at least 30 minutes before proceeding.

At Wise Auto Clinic your safety comes first! We are your best choice for Brake Repair in Schaumburg. We have the necessary tools, the right training, professionalism and experience to replace any and all damaged parts of your braking system. Call for a free brake inspection today.

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