Brake Repair Rusted Backplate

auto brake repair rusted backplate

Brakes making strange noises from rusted backplate

We sometimes get questions about rusted backplates. Here in the snowy city, there’s a lot of salt used on our roads. That has a tendency to rust out brake backplates and vital braking components. You usually find out about it when there’s a funny vibration or noise while you’re driving or backing up. You may be wondering, do I really need to change it? What purpose does the backplate serve in the first place?

It is recommended that you do replace them if there’s any holes or heavily rusted spots that expose vital brake components. Especially in our climate. The backplate protects the brake hardware, rotors and emergency brake hardware. You certainly don’t want the elements eating away at your hardware like they did to the backplate. That backplate is your first line of defense. Don’t take any chances on the safety of your system. Also a simple backplate replacement will save you money on more expensive brake repairs in the future.

Every vehicle is different. Some manufacturers have designed an easily replaceable backplate because they are so important to the over health of your brake system. Let the Schaumburg ASE Certified Brake experts at Wise Auto Clinic take a look and give you a free estimate. We will completely inspect your bake system and give you an honest assessment of any repairs that are necessary.

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